What is Link Building & Authority of your site

In the report from SEOboost you will find a section of a backlink analysis and the authority of your website. Let us explain what it is and why it's very important for your better ranking in search results.

Links (also known as backlinks) are external links from other websites to your site. Mentioning one website on the page of another one is the common way to share the reputation, like giving a hand to another person. This way of connection between sites on Internet creates your personal backlink profile.

The main rule is following: the more popular the linking site is, the more important those links are for you. It's easy to explain. For example, you sell pizza. If a lot of people say that you have the best pizza in the city, imagine how many people will come all over the whole city to taste it. The same is with external backlinks. Your main tactic should include a motivation to get as many great backlinks as possible. But be careful as a generated paid backlink from sites with a bad reputation is very dangerous and can lead to downranking of your site from search results.

So now a few words about the authority of your website. It works in the same way as in our example with the best pizza in the city. If I get a recommendation about your pizza from a person I know, I will automatically consider it to be true and definitely try it on my own. If a linking website has a great authority in internet and link to you, then you will get a part of its rankings.

SEOboost's report includes backlink analysis for good and bad backlinks. We advise you get rid of bad links (reported by us in a separate section) to your site, if possible. In our report you will also find a reputation for your site, for your competitors, as also for all websites that link to you. This should help you to understand your personal authority on Internet and to create a good plan to raise it.

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