SEO Guide for Beginners

SEOboost is a professional tool to analyze your website for weak spots and get better rankings in most common search engines like Google or Bing. Better rankings increase traffic to your website, which means more sales for your products or digital goods.

But let's start with a question what SEO is and why it's needed!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to adapt your website to the requirements of the search engines and get better ranking positions for the terms and phrases (keywords) that can generated qualified organic traffic to your service. This process also includes the on-page optimization of your website that makes your website more user- friendly and your content more significant from a search engine perspective.

The successful SEO contains the following important steps:
  • Analysis of the crawl availability of your website for the search engine's bots
  • Creating and structuring of the content that brings value and answers to the searcher's queries
  • Website's loading speed and error reports for better user experience
  • Mobile version optimization to increase mobile traffic to your service
  • Keyword analysis and integration into your site to attract more searchers
  • Earning good backlinks from external websites for your content
  • Working on better Title, URL & description to raise the CTR in the ranking results
  • Schema markup for better social engagement

If you feel now a little bit overloaded with such complicated terms, please do not worry. SEOboost is created to provide you a report of those eight points. Our SEO experts will analyze your website and answer the main question whether your service is optimized well. Our reports contain detailed instruction on better-to-do things that you can implement by yourself or ask our team to do this for you.

So, if you are ready to go, then sign up and start getting more traffic to your website!

Rank your site like a pro with a help of a team of professional SEO experts at SEOboost. Our reports will provide a detailed analysis of your business website and suggest optimization possibilities.

Our company has been operated on the market since 2019 and helps website owners to achieve results in ranking their businesses on top positions in Google and Bing. SEOboost team consists of real experts: professional website developers and SEO pros. We know exactly how a good structured and search engine optimized website should looks like. Our SEO experts have a market experience over 15 years. This helps us to create a personal report for your website depending of the niche where your business is operated.

SEOboost is just one of our useful tools for people who would like to get better results in selling their goods or services. We can also help you with the technical implementation, develop a required infrastructure for your online business, optimize the load speed of your website or create a detailed site audit to restructure all weak spots and make your business growing.

Over last two years SEOboost has created more than 50.000 reports. Our loyal customers know that we offered our service for free. Since 2021 we decided to offer our service for a monthly fee. The reason for this is the growing interest in our service and our need to attract more SEO experts to work for us. So we've done many things to upgrade our service quality. We hope that you like our work.