Your personal branded search optimization

Have you ever tried to google your company or even yourself? I am sure you have, but do you know the right strategy?

Branded search will improve your conversion and lead more byers to your site.

Interested? Let’s start from the beginning:

What is Branded Search? A branded keyword, or a branded search (or brand-driven), is any query via a search engine that includes the name of your company, business or brand. Branded searches include personal, brand-targeted words like your CEO's or writers' names.

Why should branded search be of high priority? First of all, good SEO starts with your brand, that is why branded SEO research should be a priority for any company.

Branded search is important for several reasons:

People who enter your brand name into the search box want to go straight to your site or make a research before buying.

Branded searches show you what kind of problems your current or future customers might face with your site or product.

Branded searches will help you to analyze and to understand the online sentiment around your brand and the brand of your competitors.

These branded search results can influence buying decisions that make them part of your sales funnel.

Neither branded hashtag nor your branded search engine doesn't belong to you, and you can’t control what people see there unless you put some effort to your own branded search optimizing.

How to research your branded searches queries

Get Started with Your Immediate Google Branded Suggestions
What appears when people start typing your brand name into the search box?
Google's brand-focused offerings should be your top priority for two reasons:

Google Suggestions show what people are looking for when your brand is involved. Historically, they relied on search frequency data, so the more people search for a particular phrase, the higher it appears in Google suggestions.

Google suggestions will definitely influence many of your customers' buying decisions. Anybody can type your brand name into the address bar of their device and see “alternate brand names” as the sentence.

Can you predict whether that person will click on this offer and will see your competitors? According to a recent study, Google searchers use one of Google's suggestions 23% of the time. That's almost a quarter of your clients who already know you to search for your name. That means that you are competing for the attention of someone who came directly to your site.

It means that Google branded offerings can influence your potential clients’ decisions, even if they aren't actually looking for anything special.

So now you're curious about whether there is a way to change what Google shows when people type in your brand name? Unfortunately, the answer is “no” as there is no long-term way to influence Google's suggestions in any way.

Of course, you can gather a whole army of searchers to type in all possible combinations with your brand to convince Google to include them in those results. But even if it works, Google will remove this offer shortly after you stop paying your army.

You can always go viral with a new product, report, or news story. These offers a fast-growing search term. However, once people stop looking for this product, the result will also be replaced with another one.

So, you will have to deal with the results of Google suggestions.

Types of Google branded suggestions A lot of brands completely neglect their search suggestions. These results can tell you a lot about your brand perception as well as your clients’ choices.

Basically, your most important keyword is your brand name. You want people to know your brand and you also need to make sure that your branded search results are pushing these searchers further down your sales funnel.

    Seoboost is ideal for:
  • a wide range of your branded searches.
  • showing you the search volume for every query containing your brand name.
  • offering some cool filters to let you play with your lists. For example, you can filter searches by question or group them by lexical similarity.
    Three useful sources of branded keyword:
  • Seoboost Keyword Explorer
  • Google " People Also Ask "
  • Text optimizer

Group keywords
Thus, you will have several versions of the same idea, phrased differently. This is especially useful for large brands in broad niches that are frequently searched for. This is where Seoboost's Keyword comes will be very useful.

How to optimize your branded search
Determine your current position.
I am an SEO and my digital marketing strategies starts with ranking analysis. To do this, Seoboost offers a powerful ranking tracking solution.

    When I make my plan, I always note:
  • Search target
  • Further steps, which largely depend on where my site currently ranks for each one
    - Possible action elements for each of the identified branded keyword groups could be:
  • an existing page optimization
  • Creating a new page
  • a blog post Publishing
  • Adding a separate section for the FAQ page

Spreadsheets are so useful because they make it easier to organize the data and can even be converted into a schedule if needed.

Do your best
Keep in mind, the more you control each SERP, the better your chances of winning against those who know the brand.
Moreover, branded search result pages are more than just links.
These often include videos, images, “People Also Ask” results, and more.

    To draw attention to your brand in branded search results, you may need to:
  • Create and optimize videos and images
  • Build and advertise more diverse assets with content repackaging
  • Maintain longer, content-based feeds
  • Make mini-sites targeting some of your most popular brand searches (including coupons, reviews, etc.).

A FAQ chart that answers more than two questions is obligatory.

Link to third-party resources using your About Us page to post links to your other columns and channels to rank higher.

Remember to link the video descriptions to your site.

Working with so many channels and resources can be boresome, but it will bring you lots of benefits if you set up your monitoring mode correctly using a position monitoring platform to keep track of your positions. LinkChecker using will help you to keep track of all your links.

Monitor your branded search traffic using Google Search Console that is free and easy way to do this.
Your branded search optimizing is a great effort, but we are sure that the steps above will help you to achieve success.

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