Useful SEO Quotes

# 1 - Do Your Best

To win this the competition, you should create content that is better than the content of your competitors. This is actually very difficult to keep up in a competitive environment. But it’s possible if you think every detail out. Remember, the higher the quality of your content, the more likely it will outperform your competitors. Good SEO is paying attention to all the details that most bloggers ignore. From using the Yoast plug-in, to writing for people, to creating thorough resources linking out to trusted sites and linking into evergreen, relevant content. Do what others refuse to do to rank for semi-competitive and even competitive keywords. Spend an extra 1-3 hours to publish an SEO-optimized post. The returns from a targeted traffic, community and brand-building perspective are astounding. – Ryan Biddulph, Founder BloggingFromParadise

# 2 – Importance of the Links

Backlinks are crucial to SEO. Mr. John Mueller confirms that links are the key to finding the content needed. He says: Links are really important for us to find content initially. So it’s like if nobody links to your website ever then we’re going to have a hard time recognizing that it even exists. But once we found it and started crawling it and started indexing its content and seeing that it’s pretty good stuff then those links are generally not that critical anymore. – John Mueller, Search Advocate Google

# 3 - Quality is more important than Quantity

Try to focus more on creating exceptional content rather than trying to create a lot of mediocre content. You should understand that there’s no sense to create a lot of content if the user doesn't appreciate it, so we offer you to focus on quality, and you will see the results of your investments. Sadly, much of the content being published is simply not worth linking to. 75% of it is getting zero inbound links. So, forget the ‘more is better’ approach to content if you want links. Go with quality instead. Your content will generate links only if it is truly remarkable, as Seth Godin would say. – Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing Wasp Technologies

# 4 - Outreach Sequences Optimize

Abovementioned quality rules should also be applied here. You will certainly increase your success rate by focusing on quality and making bespoke outreach that doesn't seem to be automated. SEO outreach and collaborations have become such a robotic, impersonal process over the last number of years, but we’ve done everything we can to break that trend. When sending emails, we try our best to be personal, fresh, and interesting. In return, the results are improved and bring about new opportunities for us and our clients. In a field that has become so boring and impersonal, try to break the trend and reap the benefits! – Sean Chaudhary, CEO Alchemy Leads

# 5 – Inbound& Outbound Channels

Outbound channels (paid channels) can be effective as long as you have a lot of money for ad, however it is best to focus on inbound channels (content marketing) because it is relatively cost-effective and allows you to use domain expertise that you are have in your field. If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing. – Guy Kawasaki, Co-Founder @ Alltop

# 6 - Site Speed and Page Experience

Have you heard about Page Experience from Google? This will be an actual user experience from the search results page to your website and then the page itself will affect your rankings. The loading speed will be an important factor in ensuring the best user experience for your visitors. Use a website load speed tester to understand what you need to do to improve. Google’s mission is to deliver the world’s information to users in an accessible and useful way. Page speed is becoming increasingly important in achieving this mission, especially on the mobile web. We’re now starting to see strong correlations between fast page load times and higher search rankings. – Adam Krzywda, Founder SEOptimer

# 7 - Don't treat SEO as an Afterthought

SEO methodologies and practices should be a crucial part of what you do. You should develop your own approach and use it while making decisions. Try to answer such a simple question as “what and how are people searching?” It is very important to answer this question at the beginning of your client's project. Good SEO needs to be baked in from the beginning. Whether it’s a tricky site migration, a proposed URL restructuring for a site, or even just a single piece of content, SEOs should be involved from the beginning to ensure the best results. Too often I get asked “can you just SEO it?” with clients bringing their own content to us for publication. It’s like trying to bake a cake and shove the eggs in at the end. Sure maybe you’ll get a cake at the end of it, but it won’t be as good as if they were included from the beginning. SEOs need to be consulted from the beginning to offer direction, insight, and knowledge of search engines to maximize the potential of any project. – Max Allegro, Digital Strategist Intuitive Digital

# 8 - Give People What They Really Want

Never stop exploring how your users are searching. When you discover a new trend, use it immediately while the competition is low. The beauty of SEO is that, instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse-engineer the process to discover exactly what people are looking for, create the right content for it, and appear before them at exactly the moment they are looking for it. It’s pull vs push. – Cyrus Shepard, Founder Zyppy

# 9 – No More Hacks - Build a Brand

Now we are talking about the power of building a strong brand. Every interaction with your audience influences their perception of your brand! Brands stand for values which consumers and users can rely on. SEO gets a lot easier when you approach it with the goal of creating the best damn piece of content on the web for a topic. That means putting in the work, understanding people, and legitimately wanting to help them. That means giving up the hacks, the spam, and the corner-cutting. If you want to build something sustainable, you need to build a brand. And you don’t build a brand by cutting corners. – Skyler Reeves, CEO Ardent Growth

# 10 - Match content with search intent

You will succeed if you try to compete on terms and learn how competitors are implementing search intent. Focus on searcher intent. This should underpin all of your activities—research, creation and distribution. What is the searcher really trying to achieve and how is your content helping them reach this goal? – Simon Ensor, Managing Director Yellowball

# 11 - Optimize for Relevance

Creating the long target search queries around local, sub-industry, or other specific field is one of the best ways to achieve SEO success. A real estate agency in Wichita has no shot at ranking for the phrase “real estate;” a lawyer in Fresno has no shot at ranking for the word “lawyer.” Optimize for relevant, specific keywords that will bring targeted traffic. – Matt McGee, Content Marketing HomeLight

# 12 - Creative + Numbers Game

Creativity and intuition are highly important at the beginning. After that the analytics side will engage processes to scale the approach over time. I tend to describe SEO as a creative number game: You need basic skills such as writing, technical analysis, building relationships, and logical thinking. But once you’ve ticked these boxes off, it becomes a numbers game. It’s about productivity: getting stuff done. From there on, you will find the challenges being more your individual limits and priorities. – Peter Thaleikis, CEO Bring Your Own Ideas

# 13 - The Gap between user and Googlebot is closing

Considering Googlebot as a real user is a good way to develop user-centered content. Google is evolving into thinking more and more like humans do. This is great for two main reasons: a) When you’re writing for people you’ll be also writing for Google; b) If you help your visitors by answering their questions or by offering a solution to their problems, it will make your site become a more reputable resource that people will appreciate and, thus, so will Google. Point being: write and optimize for people, you’ll gain Google’s love too. – Louie Luc, Founder BuzzNitrous

# 14 - Don't Chase the algorithm

That's self-evident: you can never outsmart the algorithm, so focus on your audience and their needs. Only a user-centered strategy is future-oriented. That is exactly what search engines want: Get the user the best search results. If it is useless for the user, it is useless for your business. Instead of trying to be smarter than the algorithm: Focus even more on creating awesome and useful content for your customers. – Nina Baumann, Founder @ Linkspiel

#15 – Optimize old content

One the best ways of improving the traffic to your site is refreshing of the old content. There are several primary goals of optimization updates such as accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness. The closer you come to achieving these objectives, the more traffic you’ll get. Revisit old content and optimize or rewrite it. Content teams can often get so caught up in the ‘always write new content’ mindset, that they will sleep on existing articles that aren’t top quality, but are good enough to appear on page 2 or 3. These articles are hidden gems that can very quickly shoot up the rankings if they are rewritten properly, with more information and/or better explanations. While not a replacement to new content, this approach can sometimes have a greater short-term ROI than just publishing a brand new article. – Paul Bonea, Founder Perfect Data
We hope these SEO quotes have inspired you!

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