Inbound Leads Optimizing

You may ask us what are these inbound leads? The answer is just simple: inbound leads are potential customers who come to you.

New customers can find your business through different ways: paid search, a content-optimized blog, word of mouth, email opt-in forms, and social media, etc.

Both inbound and outbound lead generation are crucial components of any marketing strategy, let’s take a look at your inbound lead approach optimizing.

Outbound vs Inbound

An easy way to remember the difference between these two definitions: inbound leads come “in” to your business, while you have to go “out” to find outbound leads.

The results of surveys show that a lot of marketing agencies change their focus from outbound to inbound strategy. For instance, sampled marketers spent 36% of their budget on inbound marketing and only 20% on outbound marketing. One of the reasons is also that that inbound marketing is less expensive that outbound.

Examples of Inbound Leads

In order to attract new leads a lot of inbound lead generation tools try to create high-quality, optimized content.

Among all the options, your audience need something specific that will draw their attention. There are several categories of inbound leads:


Usually, customers find what they are searching for through search engines. SEO optimization of your site will make Google’s crawlers index your site as relevant for certain topics that directly correlate to your customers’ searches.

SEO Audit

This tool is one of the most efficient and cost-effective way that helps you to optimize your website for inbound leads.


You can easily generate traffic to your site to create inbound leads. If you have a blog, make sure it is SEO optimized. Blogs with high-quality content creates an authority for your brand, and leads more likely to become your customers.

In order to create strong inbound leads, you can make your blog in B2C format as 72% of inbound leads read content from brands they follow.

Email Opt-Ins

This includes:
Subscription to newsletters
Downloading of product free of charge
Entertaining stuff

Email opt-ins shouldn’t be something extraordinary, but they should be present in your life on daily basis. It would be better if they are captivating. This is one of the most crucial part for lead searching process. Once inbound leads type their email addresses, the company can send them targeted content that eventually leads to a sale.

Social Media

First of all, you need to specify a target audience, and start with of social media. Be ready to pay for ads to gain new followers and analyze which platform you should invest in more. The latest social media demographic research shows that Facebook and YouTube are still the leader among most age groups.

Inbound lead via a social media relates to organic social (publishing content on social network without paid ads). Have you heard some marketers saying that social media is now using “pay to play” strategy? Despite that fact that organic reach percentage has been falling, some organizations still get great levels of organic reach (30, 40 even 50% or higher) just on their content. So, analyze what kind of content gets better organic reach to your site.

How to attract even more Inbound Leads

The best strategy is to systematize all of your inbound lead generation techniques, for example:
Create SEO-optimized content and publish it to your blog and website
Optimize this piece of content for social sharing and link content back to your site
Integrate lead magnets (free downloads, discounts, coupons) into your site
Create email opt-in forms on your site

This strategy should help you to attract customers to your site by making it easy to find. Your potential leads may express interest in follow your social channels or fill email opt-in forms. Using this information, you can target them with content optimized to their interests. Later your loyal customers will trust your brand’s opinion and will look for it before making purchases.

Outbound Vs. Inbound Lead: Pros and Cons

Outbound Leads: Pros and Cons

Pros: Familiar strategy – commercials, ads, cold-calling
Shortened sales cycle – yes or no right away
Immediate feedback

Generates less than 10% of clicks online
Costs remain unchanged
Creates negative attitude because of junk mail, telemarketers
Blocking/ad skipping technology
At least 61% more expensive than inbound lead generation

Inbound Leads: Pros and Cons

More leads
Redusing cost per lead over time
Better customer experience
Better lead segmentation

Too many channels to manage
Longer sales cycle
Bound to analytics for assessment

3 Other Inbound Lead Generation Ways

1. SEO optimization
SEO is what improve a site’s SERP rankings and helps potential customers to find your site, rather than a competitor’s, while search.

2. Podcasts
Frankly speaking, podcasts are not so inexpensive to create. It can be a pretty good source of inbound leads, especially if you have dedicated following.

3. Chatbots
This option allows a new customer to interact with a new company just by clicking on an ad on the site, and they can be sure that there will be no long and boring sales conversation. Inbound leads are very crucial, because they may be your potential customers as they are trying to find what you are selling and there is no need to scare them away with long conversations.

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