A method to improve your SEO (apart from link building) and brand awareness that is not really spread yet is a designing guestographics. To cut the long story short: these are some tips for creating and pitching them.

So, what a guestographic method is all about?
Guestographic is the type of infographic you have created for other website or blog and is created in collaboration with other brands. It’s their content with your infographic design. As a result - SEO improvement for both of you.

What is the reason to create a guestographic?
You can easily build backlinks to some sort of content. Blogs, survey results, and interviews often consist of unique content that marketers are eager to use.

As we all know, everyone loves visuals as users are more attracted to visions rather than to text. For instance, you have found original information/research – why don’t you share it as visual? A link building statistic shows that original research and visuals are the best strategy in marketing. We’ve created 150 guestographics and they’ve generated 150,000 organic sessions per month. And that is a really good result!

SEO improvement using guestographic

1. Look for the proper guestographic content

We should admit that not all posts make for great infographic content. A long-read with lot of headers and subheadings cannot be cut down into one graphic.Short simple list articles make for great infographics.

2. Define YOUR audience

Do define your target audience before using specific guestographics. Actually, backlinks are pretty great strategy, but if they’re not relevant to your brand, think will it ever be helpful? Guestographics are not so easy to create. That’s why you should define your audience in order to make this strategy work – you don’t want to create something unique for anyone. Start with a survey or quiz to collect this data.

3. Keywords for improving website SEO

The third question you need to ask is what are the best keywords that will improve website SEO? Backlinks from anywhere will definitely lower your rankings. We advise you to find out more about Google Keyword Planner or Loganix to choose primary and related keywords. Or one of the simplest methods, guess which one? Google search bar. Type in a keyword and look at the options presented.

4. The guestographic pitch

Get ready as it’s time to pitch the site! Remember, content editors are busy people. They have a great amount of work, hundreds of messages and calls. A guestographic instead of a link collaboration is a winning strategy.But be sure that your pitch is just perfect in order to overcome your competitors.

Send you pitch and wait. If you haven’t received a reply in three days, your potential partners are not interested in the guestographic. In case of positive answer, you can start collaboration.

We advise you to ask the contact for an outline of the content, including:
Primary headers
Bullet points
Preferred colors
Brand colors and fonts
Brand logo
Call to action

We also show them some templates relates to our sire to make it easier for the design team.

5. Create a memorable infographic

We have created a lot of infographics by ourselves, but if you don’t have designers, there are online design resources (like Venngage) or you can look for freelance graphic designers.

6. Promoting guestographics for SEO ranking

The clients will promoting their guestographic on their site. Ayou also need to promote it. Share the client’s post on social media to let more audience that you create guestographics – maybe you will find the right one (see point 2).
Other sites may be interested in similar content – contact their team and ask them to share the guestographic.
Guestographic is indeed a very powerful tool to earn more links from new sites and to share your unique content over different platforms.

What do we have in conclusion? Backlinks are important part of improving your SEO, but unfortunately most of sites will refuse to link to you. Be ready for that. Getting every new backlink will let Google know about your authority.
Guestographics will show you as more valuable partner and show that you are willing to your best for your users.

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