SEOboost helps rank higher and get more traffic. SEO audit + SEO reporting tools for beginner and SEO pro.

All-in-one SEO audit tools from SEOboost - analyze your website for on-page optimization, keyword rankings, backlinks, usability, adaptation to all devices, traffic distribution by country and much more. SEOboost report delivers recommendations on how to get better rankings and traffic.

SEOboost toolset includes:

  1. Site Audit: On-page SEO optimization
  2. Top keyword rankings and positions
  3. Analysis of your backlinks profile
  4. Usability & Device rendering
  5. SEO recommendations for higher rankings

SEOboost feedback and reviews

SEOboost helps people to rank their websites better and get more traffic. Check out what real people say about our service:

"Seoboost is a perfect all-in-one SEO Tool. SEO report was a big help for the developers of my electronic online store to optimize it with better keywords, meta description and by adding new content to my site about the products. After 3 weeks the organic traffic raised to 30%. I continue with the making my site better now. Thanks a lot to SEOboost for your help."

William P., Electronic store

"My small company offers a sanitary service in a local place in Germany. My website was very old and it could not be found in Internet. Seoboost helped me with the fixing the bugs that blocked indexing of my site by Google. After some days my site was crawled without any problems. I've found a website developers who made me a modern new website and followed all steps from Seoboost report and after a month the organic traffic grown rapidly. Now all my customers are happy that they can find me for a local service in my small city in Germany and I'm happy too."

Lukas W., Business website

"We run a small company and help our customers to get better rankings for the local search results. Because our team is very limited, we use the reports of SEOBOOST very often. The way the guys do their job is very similar to our way of working, so we use them about 6 month to raise the amount of customers we could attract for our company. Our extended agency package delivers many features. Thank you much."

Martin C., SEO agency

Frequently asked questions

  • What benefits do I get from a subscription to SEOboost?

    About 54% of websites worldwide have a lack of traffic because of internal on-page SEO mistakes. SEOboost helps you to analyze those weak spots on your website and provides a detailed report including the optimization advices. This will increase traffic from search engines to your site without being an experiences SEO pro.

  • Some services offer SEO tools for free. Why SEOboost costs money?

    All services that offer free website analysis work as automated machine controlled systems. Such reports can not give you the full overview over the problems with your rankings. Our team consists of real SEO experts. After you request a report one of our team members runs a manual analysis of your website. You get a personal report, not an automated.

  • How many reports can I generate monthly?

    The number of reports can be found on the pricing page. This depends on the plan you purchase. Lite plan is a perfect solution for a customer with 1 or 2 websites. If you have a blog network or a dozen of sites then Standard plan will completely suit your need. If you are a SEO pro and have many own customers then Pro plan is the best.

  • Are there any hidden charges or setup fees?

    No. We charge the exact amount that is stated on our package overview. We change in USD only, without any additional charge fees.

  • How long does it take till I get my report?

    Depending on the complexity of your website the report can be sent instantly up to 24 hours after submission. We do not hurry as our main goal is to provide a good structured and easy-to-go document.

  • How can I switch my plan?

    You can upgrade to a better plan at anytime. Also you can request a refund of your first payment. This have to be done manually by contacting our support team.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at anytime. This can be done through your account or by contacting our support team.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We are sure that you will be satisfied with our service. If not, you can request a refund and it will be provided. The only condition is that it can be done before we generate at least 3 reports for you.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept all major credit cards. The payment will be processed by an external payment processing company. The payment process is encrypted and 100% secure.

Rank your site like a pro with a help of a team of professional SEO experts at SEOboost. Our reports will provide a detailed analysis of your business website and suggest optimization possibilities.

Our company has been operated on the market since 2019 and helps website owners to achieve results in ranking their businesses on top positions in Google and Bing. SEOboost team consists of real experts: professional website developers and SEO pros. We know exactly how a good structured and search engine optimized website should looks like. Our SEO experts have a market experience over 15 years. This helps us to create a personal report for your website depending of the niche where your business is operated.

SEOboost is just one of our useful tools for people who would like to get better results in selling their goods or services. We can also help you with the technical implementation, develop a required infrastructure for your online business, optimize the load speed of your website or create a detailed site audit to restructure all weak spots and make your business growing.

Over last two years SEOboost has created more than 50.000 reports. Our loyal customers know that we offered our service for free. Since 2021 we decided to offer our service for a monthly fee. The reason for this is the growing interest in our service and our need to attract more SEO experts to work for us. So we've done many things to upgrade our service quality. We hope that you like our work.